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Subcontractor in laser cutting, pressbraking, eccentric press, machining, manuell welding,
robot welding, paint shop with blasting/wet painting and assembly



Svets & Mekano is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 3834-2 (welding).

We carry out skilled sheet metal work and work actively with you as a customer in design and product customization, all to meet your special requirements and wishes.

Svets & Mekano


Equally, as we manufacture a simple sheet metal,

we can undertake to manufacture and finalize a finished, larger product in several series.

Facts about Svets & Mekano AB

Briefly about our company

At present we are 30 employees and will generate an annual turnover of approximately 35 million Swedish kronor.

Equally, as we manufacture a simple sheet metal, we can undertake to manufacture and finalize a finished, larger product in several series.

We work with sheet metal products from about 2 mm up to about 30 mm. The volumes are around 3-15 mm.

Our series sizes range from 1 unit up to about 10-15,000 details per year.

Surface treatment

We have our own surface treatment department complete with laundry, blaster, and wet lacquer.
The plant is also suitable for painting with epoxy and polyurethane paints.
Drying takes place in our two drying ovens.

Manual welding

Our welding department is adapted to handle everything from the simplest products to other jobs that require more specialized know-how, such as licensing.

Machine machining, assembly, and construction

Machine machining is carried out with manual drilling and machining in controlled machines.

In our own design department work with product and fixture construction takes place.

In the assembly department, the finished parts are assembled and the finished product is completed.

Robot welding

Robot welding is a growing branch, where annual figures and year details today do not have to be more than about 100 details/year due to welding times and other factors.

In our machinery, we have two Motor Motorman welding robots.

Plate production and plasma/laser cutting

We have a laser cutting machine with the 3200W laser that processes thicknesses up to 20 mm.

We have 1 pc machine with 4000 * 2000 mm table with a maximum capacity of 40 mm

Specialist in turnkey advanced sheet works

Svets & Mekano is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 3834-2 (welding).

We carry out skilled sheet metal work and work actively with you as a customer in design and product customization, all to meet your special requirements and wishes.

Examples of products we manufacture

We manufacture hydraulic and fuel tanks of different sizes. Volume levels range from about 1 liter up to 2000 liters.

Today, we produce about 2500 tanks a year for different customers. Most of them are fitted with couplings, level welds, etc.

We have special equipment for cleaning hydraulic tanks, the purity requirements are high.

We design and manufacture cooling hoods for electric motors/generators of the larger stroke.

We cooperate with Coiltech in Söderköping.

The products are usually delivered fully assembled including electrical connection.

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List of Machinery


Trumpf TLC 3030 with 3200 W laser.

Complete with automated driving handling equipment.

3000 * 1500 * 20 mm, in SS 2333 Tmax = 12 mm


MetalMaster 6020 with Plasma Hypertherm HPR 260 Amp

Max plate size 6000 * 2000 * 40 mm

Press brakes

Ursviken Optiflex with bending aid
200 tonnes hydraulic. 6-axis L = 3500 mm

Beyler 200 tons hydraulic, CNC controlled. 6 axes. L = 3100 mm

200 tons hydraulic, CNC controlled. L = 4300 mm

Metal Shears

Tmax=10 mm, L=3100 mm.


125 tones. Edge 1000 * 650 mm.

63 tones. Edge 600 * 450 mm.

Roll Bending

SMT pullmax
Tmax=10 mm, L=2000 mm.

Iron cutting

Bandsåg KASTOmed matning
max dia= 400 mm

Bandsåg MEP 280 SXI med girning
max dia = 150 mm

Processing / Drilling / Tapping

Leadwell V-60 with steering system Fanuc 18-MC.

Table 1800 * 900 mm. 24 tools.

Daewoo ACE-H400 P with steering system Fanuc 18MC with 2 400 * 400 palettes.
Work area X 600, Y 560, Z 560 mm. Max load 400 kg.

Radial Gsp
Arm length 1300 mm.

Johnford VMC-1624 with steering system Heidenheim TNC 430.

Table 1800 * 900 mm. 24 tools.
Niagata SPN 50 with 2 pallets 500 * 500 with working area 720 * 720 * 720 and steering system Fanuc 16 M. Max load 600 kg. 60 vtg.

Radial KMR-700 DS
Arm length 700 mm.


2 welding robot stations MOTOMAN UP-20-6 with manipulator VMF-500S5X.

Max turn radius 750 mm, load / side 500 kg.

Length between fixtures = 2050 mm.

Including search / follow-up.

1 welding robot station MOTOMAN UP-20-6

with manipulator VMF-750S5X.

Max turn radius 1100 mm, load / side 750 kg.

Length between fixtures = 3150 mm.

Including search / follow-up.

Phase Pullmax X97 25-55 °

9 welding sites equipped with MIGATRONIC welding.

350 – 500 Amp. All water-cooled. Calibrated.

All workplaces with lifting tables and swivel cranes.

Welding mode switch ErgoControll, programmable.

max load 1000 kg, arm length = 1500 mm.

Tigsvets MILLER XMT 300

Bultsvets Esab Alpha 850

max diameter 120 mm.

Point welding 30 kVA with guard.


2 complete workplaces for the installation of tractor cabins/work platforms and the like.

3 complete workplaces for cleaning and installing hydraulic tanks.

2 complete workplaces for various mounting.

Surface treatment

Alkaline washing machine

max goods L = 3000, H = 1500, B = 1500 mm.

Blaster room  with sand recycling/purification

surface area 8000 * 6000 mm.


Painting room, (Figure 2) with air purification

surface area 8000 * 7000 mm.

High pressure pumps / low pressure pumps


L = 4000, H = 2700, B = 3900 mm.


L = 4000, H = 3700, B = 3500 mm.

Cooling rooms

surface area 12000 * 6000 mm.


At the moment, we are not looking for any more employees for the company.
Company Data Protection Policy

The company protects your personal privacy. This data protection policy explains how the Company collects and uses personal data. For questions regarding privacy and data protection, please contact us at bengt-erik.davidsson@svetsmek.eu.
When contacting us, for example, To purchase a product or service from us, you agree to our Data Protection Policy and our processing of your personal information. You also agree that the Company uses electronic communication channels to send information to you.
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What information do we collect?

Collection and use of data

This data protection policy covers data collected online and offline, including personal information that we may collect through multiple channels, such as websites, social media, phone or email contacts, and events/fairs. We may combine personal data collected in a way (such as a website) with personal data collected in another way (eg, fairs, customer meetings).

Information you provide to us: You can directly or indirectly provide us with information about yourself and your company in a variety of ways, such as when you make a request for a product or service that we sell when you order something from Our website, notifies you that you want to receive newsletters, interact with our social media, buy, lease or receive funding, or contact us by mail, letter or phone. This information may be:

  • Personal and contact information – name, date of birth, social security number, invoice and delivery address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, position in the company etc.
  • Payment Information – Billing Information, Bank Account Number, etc.

Information we collect about you: When you come into contact with us, we can collect information (note that we do not necessarily collect all the data listed below):

  • Personal and contact information such as name, date of birth, social security number, invoice and delivery address, e-mail address, mobile phone number and position of the company.
  • Information about products/services – details about the products or services you have purchased/shown interest in purchasing.
  • Financial information – any credit, debts or negative payment history.
  • Historical information – previous purchase, payment and credit history
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The information you give us, the information we collect about you, as well as information about products/services and the financial information, it is generally necessary to enter into a contractual relationship with us, while the other information we collect is generally necessary for other purposes, as described below.

What do we do with the information?
Provides performs and improves our services. All data is used to provide, perform and improve our services. The company processes personal data for the following purposes based on the following legal grounds:
Purpose of treatment Legal basis for treatment
"why is treatment necessary"
To confirm your identity and verify your personal and contact information.Carry out our contractual obligations towards you
To fulfill our obligations to our customers and suppliers, as well as to provide our customers and other stakeholders with information, products and services.Carry out our contractual obligations towards you
To ensure that content is presented effectively to you and your device.Carry out our contractual obligations towards you
To conduct risk analysis, prevent fraud and risk management.Follow applicable legislation and other legitimate interests
To comply with applicable legislation, such as anti-money laundering and accounting laws.Follow applicable legislation

Who can we share the information with?

In order to fulfill our commitments to our customers and other stakeholders, we may transfer or share the information with third parties such as suppliers or subcontractors, authorized resellers, and distributors or service providers. We take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that the data is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection upon transfer to or sharing with such third parties.
Agencies. We may provide necessary information to the relevant authorities if we are required to do so by law or if you have agreed to do so.

What we will NOT do with the data. The company will not sell the collected information to third parties.

Where do we process your personal information?

The company processes the data within the EU / EEA. The company takes all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that the data is handled safely and with an adequate level of protection.

How long do we save the data?

We save data as long as it is necessary to meet the purpose for which the data was collected, or to fulfill our commitments and as long as required by statutory storage times, especially as regards accounting requirements.

Your rights of access, rectification, and deletion

  • Right to access your data. You are entitled to request a copy of the information the Company has about you and verify the information we have about you.
  • Right to rectification. You are entitled to correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself.
  • Right to be deleted (“The right to be forgotten”). You are entitled to request the deletion of your personal data for those cases where the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there may be legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting parts of the data. These obligations may come from accounting and tax legislation. What we do then is to block the data we are required to save, from being used for purposes other than fulfilling such legal obligations.

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Svets & Mekano Produktion AB orgnr 559136-9110 and is based in Vislanda Address Olv 9 34250 Vislanda.
Contact us at bengt-erik.davidsson@svetsmek.eu if you have questions regarding our personal data processing or this data protection policy.

Data protection policy was last updated 19 December 2017.

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